Build Python analytics tools

Datapane's API-first platform provides an end-to-end workflow for deploying and sharing Python scripts, notebooks, and reports.

The last mile for Python analyses

Sharing Python analyses is painful. Datapane's API fits into your existing code and data infrastructure to bridge the gap between analyses and stakeholders.

Integrates with your existing stack

Sick of proprietary connectors and restricted environments? Bring the full power of the Python ecosystem to your BI and reporting.

  • Packaging and dependencies

    Deploy your existing Jupyter Notebooks and Python scripts with your own libraries, files, and pip packages.

  • API-first

    Use Datapane's API to integrate with the other platforms you use -- such as GitHub, your CI platform, Airflow, or Sagemaker.

  • Integrates everywhere

    Instead of relying on a limited set of proprietary integrations, use Python to flexibly connect to your warehouse, CRM, or API.

  1. name: sales-forecasting
  2. includes:
  3. - ./acme-corp-lib/
  4. - ./query.sql
  5. script: ./forecast.ipynb
  6. requirements:
  7. - simple-salesforce
  8. - fbprophet
  9. parameters:
  10. - name: start_date
  11. type: date
  12. - name: end_date
  13. type: date
  14. - name: region
  15. type: enum
  16. choices: ['Europe', 'North America']
  17. - name: query
  18. type: string

Accessible to everyone on the team

Datapane packages Python analyses into self-service reporting tools which anyone can run in their browser to generate results, without worrying about code or a Python environment.

  • Forms

    Expose scripts as rich web-forms to send parameters into analyses and generate reports dynamically.

  • Scheduling

    Run scripts on a cadence to automate traditional reporting tasks in Python and SQL.

Securely share reports and scripts

Organisational accounts and APIs for blob storage, secret variables, and embedding, means you can bridge the gap between Python scripts and production-ready reporting.

  • Private Sharing

    Securely share reports and scripts inside your company on a private Datapane instance.

  • Secure Embed

    Embed reports into your internal wiki, knowledge base, or in your client-facing web app.

  • Secrets and Variables

    Store and manage secrets such as credentials and API keys using Datapane's API, so your scripts can securely connect to other platforms.


Simple pricing.

Datapane can be hosted by us or run on your cloud provider. Choose one of our paid plans or get in touch.

$450 / month

Up to 20 named users. Securely share analyses with stakeholders in your own hosted instance.

  • Private Hosted Instance

  • Unlimited Scripts & Reports

  • Datapane Branded Embedding

  • Warehouse and API Integration

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Unlimited users. Deploy and integrate Datapane into your organisation and applications.

  • Scheduling

  • On-premise Deployment

  • White-label Embedding

  • Granular Access Controls

Frequently asked questions

Where are my scripts hosted and run?

Datapane provides either a secure, managed environment or an on-premise deployment which you can run on your own infrastructure.

What can I deploy as a script?

Scripts are written in Python, and can be .py files or Jupyter Notebooks. You can also include other files, such as SQL scripts or internal libraries, which you can use in your script.

Can scripts on Datapane talk to databases and APIs?

Yes. Once on Datapane, your code has network access and can connect to third-party systems, so can push or pull from a database or API.

What libraries can my script use on Datapane?

You can include any local dependencies or pip libraries in your script's configuration.

I already have data infrastructure for resource intensive tasks, like model training. Do I have to run this on Datapane?

No. Datapane's philosophy is to fit into your existing infrastructure, and provides an API to push assets (such as trained models) from other platforms so you can access them in your scripts.

Can I embed reports?

Yes. You can securely embed reports into your wiki, knowledge base, or external web application.

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