APIs for delivering data science

Datapane's API-first platform provides an end-to-end, automated solution for bridging the gap between a data scientist's laptop and business ROI.

Share data science insights

Using the Python ecosystem to analyze and visualize data? Turn results into interactive documents which internal teams or clients can self-serve on to drive value.


Report Sharing API

Use Datapane's open-source framework to create data science documents. Use our Report Sharing API to securely share them with your team or clients, or embed results directly into your product.

  • Abilities
  • Build beautiful interactive data science documents in Python from visualizations, datasets, and files
  • Publish reports privately and securely share them with your team
  • Embed reports into your own product
  • Securely share whitelabel reports with clients
  • Impact
  • Make data science instantly accessible to stakeholders and non-technical teams
  • Increase margin of delivering data science services to customers
  • Increase engagement and retention with beautiful interactive reports
  • Allow data science teams to focus on R&D instead of manual report building

Automated, self-service data science

Deploy Jupyter Notebooks and Python scripts to Datapane, where they can be run by your team or clients with parameters, scheduled to run automatically, and automate your other platforms with data science insights.


Script Automation API

Deploy Jupyter Notebooks and Python scripts to Datapane. Allow other teams to run them with parameters through forms, schedule them, or call them through APIs.

  • Abilities
  • Deploy Jupyter Notebooks or Python scripts as accessible, automated internal tools
  • Allow stakeholders to provide custom parameters through rich web forms
  • Schedule report refreshes for dashboarding use-cases, or trigger runs through an API
  • Pull and push data to and from your warehouse, CRM, or API
  • Impact
  • Stakeholders self-serve on ad-hoc queries without going through manual backlog
  • Client teams create customer-facing reports in seconds to increase margin of delivery
  • Access to live data science reports and dashboards allows data science to drive business decisions
  • Integrate data science into your CRM, marketing platform, or warehouse.


Datapane Enterprise can be used for sharing data science with your clients or your team. Learn more about how businesses use our APIs to deliver data science .

Frequently asked questions

Where are my scripts, reports, and data stored?
Datapane provides a single-tenancy environment on our cloud provider (Google Cloud Platform), or an on-premise/on-cloud virtual machine.
What is the Users Variables API?
Datapane's User Variables API allows you to securely manage secrets (such as database credentials or API tokens) inside your script, instead of storing them in source code.
Can scripts on Datapane talk to my data warehouse or internal APIs?
Yes. Once on Datapane, your Python script or notebook can connect to third-party systems, so can push or pull from a database or API.
What is the Blob API?
The Blob API allows you to manage and cache assets, such as large files and trained models, inside of your scripts, and model data outside the database.
Can I include my company's libraries in my scripts?
Yes. You can include local dependencies or Python libraries in your script's configuration, or provide a Docker container, which all scripts will execute in.
Does Datapane provide solutions engineering and services?
Datapane’s solutions team can build reports templates, setup custom environments, or integrate Jupyter notebooks and scripts into other platforms.

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