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What's new?

What's new? Features & Roadmap

Leo Anthias

Leo Anthias

We have been been hard at work with users building features to make Datapane even better.

Grid Layout

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The biggest request we have had is the ability to have more custom layouts in reports. Although you are you probably analyzing data in a list of sequential steps, it may not the best way to present results -- especially if you are sharing with people who are used to a traditional dashboard or BI tool. Our new Blocks component allows more flexible grid-style layouts, allowing you to create custom interfaces without HTML or CSS.

  1. import pandas as pd
  2. import altair as alt
  3. import datapane as dp
  4. dataset = pd.read_csv('<>')
  5. df = dataset.groupby(['continent', 'date'])['new_cases_smoothed_per_million'].mean().reset_index()
  6. plot = alt.Chart(df).mark_area(opacity=0.4, stroke='black').encode(
  7. x='date:T',
  8. y=alt.Y('new_cases_smoothed_per_million:Q', stack=None),
  9. color=alt.Color('continent:N', scale=alt.Scale(scheme='set1')),
  10. tooltip='continent:N'
  11. ).interactive().properties(width='container')
  12. dp.Report(
  13. dp.Blocks(
  14. dp.Plot(plot),
  15. dp.Table(df),
  16. columns=2
  17. )
  18. ).publish(name='covid_report', open=True)

As the cherry on top, we've added the ability to create full-width reports. To learn more, check out these new features in the documentation.

Responsive Charts

Many Datapane users are embedding their reports into other platforms and need to use the responsive capabilities of libraries such as Plotly and Altair. We've added the ability to add responsive charts to your reports, like this example. This should help folks embed Datapane across the web and improve mobile functionality.

Here it is embedded into this blog:

Reporting versioning

Instead of creating a new report each time you iterate, we've added the ability to have multiple versions of the same report, and go back to previous versions. This is particularly helpful if you're generating your report on a schedule, and means you can use your reports as live dashboards which update on a cadence.

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As an example, check out version 4 of the report above!

Scheduling (Datapane for Teams)

For paid customers, we've added the ability to deploy your Python script and schedule it to generate reports on a cadence — for instance for a weekly report, or a dashboard which updates every hour. Want to learn more about Datapane for Teams? Book a demo.

Extracting parts of a report

It's often useful to embed a specific chart or dataset into another platform, especially if you are refreshing your report on a cadence. To allow this, we've added a blocksquery parameter which allows you to query your report using XPath. This lets you embed a single chart, plot, or section of your report somewhere else. Learn more in the docs.


We recently launched a Discourse forum where users can ask questions, make suggestions, or give feedback on the product. We'd love to hear from you: drop by and say hi!

Need to share Python analyses?

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