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What's new? Features & Roadmap

Leo Anthias

Leo Anthias

An overview of new features which have landed in Datapane recently, and some things on our Roadmap which will be live soon.

July is rounding up to be an exciting month, with over 50,000 people viewing and creating reports on Datapane already. In response to customer feedback, we've got some exciting new features which have landed and are in the roadmap, both for viewers of the public instance, and companies using a private Datapane instance.

We'll also be covering a few features from which you may be familiar with, but haven't had the chance to announce properly.

Live Features

Folium Support

Screenshot 2020-07-21 at 17.15.08.png

Many of you may have seem the amazing geographical plots by users like Qiusheng Wu, the maintainer of the geemap library. This is made possible by our integration into Folium, which is probably the most complete Python library for geographical plots.

Folium plots can now be used with our Plot component. For more information, check out the documentation.

Plotly Support

Screenshot 2020-07-22 at 19.53.32.png

Plotly landed a few weeks ago and has unsurprisingly become one of the most popular report blocks already! Highlights include Khuyen Tran's two blogposts about using Plotly to visualise scraped data from Medium and GitHub.

Plotly plots can also now be used with our Plot component. For more information, check out the documentation.

Support for Readmes in Scripts

Screenshot 2020-07-22 at 19.56.48.png

When you create a script using the Datapane CLI, we now create a README.md. If this file is in your directory when you deploy, your script will have a Github-style Readme. This helps you give some context to your users on what your script does and how to use it.

Windows improvements and Conda support

We've improved our Windows story for Datapane, including adding a troubleshooting section for folks who might have some problems installing on Windows. Additionally, we've added conda support, which can be used on any OS, but often sorts out some of the package requirements on Windows.

Sagemaker compatibility

We've made some changes to the Datapane library so that you can use it on AWS Sagemaker.

Script run notifications

A big request from users inside of companies was seeing when a script run had been completed -- especially for folks where the running might take up to an hour. We've added notifications of completed runs, and of any errors that may occur in the script. We're looking at adding similar support to Slack in the coming months, so that Datapane integrates into everyone's workflow.

Landing soon

These features are in progress and will be landing in production in the next couple of weeks. Thank you to all the users who have been working closely with us to scope them.


You will be able to add comments to your Reports and Scripts, so discussion can happen on-platform. This will be available on the Public instance on private teams instances.

Scheduled running

You will soon be able to schedule your scripts on Datapane to run on a cadence. This means that Datapane can be used for a lot of common reporting and BI tasks inside of companies.

Layout components

A popular user request is to be able to do more flexible things with your Report layout, instead of having a sequential list of blocks. We've been working hard on making a more flexible Report structure on the backend which allows more customisation. To start, we're going to be adding columns and row support, but we would love to hear from you how you want to customize your Reports.

Drill-down and pivot table

Many people are sharing reports with non-technical users who want to dive into the data a bit more deeply. We're going to be adding pivot and drill-down components to our Table viewer to allow end-users to explore data too!

How you can help

Our goal is to be the best, easiest way to share Python analyses, and to do that we need your feedback on what you want to see in Datapane. Is there a particular report component that is missing? Is there something on the interface which is getting in the way? Let us know by dropping an email to me.

Thank you! If you're interested in more updates and examples, follow us on Twitter.

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