Create and publish interactive reports in Python

Datapane is an open source library and API which makes it easy to share interactive reports, straight from Python.

Python reports

A library and API for sharing Python analyses.

Sharing Python analyses is painful. Datapane makes it easy. Build reports in Python, and deploy your scripts so others can generate reports dynamically.

Build and publish reports in Python

Turn DataFrames and plots into interactive components in beautiful reports. Publish them to Datapane where they can be shared and embedded.

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    Analyse data in your own tools

    Write code and analyse data in your existing environment, such as JupyterHub, your cloud environment, or your local machine.

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    Create reports in code

    Use Datapane's open source library to create rich reports from DataFrames, Markdown, and visualisation libraries, such as Altair.

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    Publish and share

    Export as standalone HTML files, or publish reports to for free, where they can be shared and embedded.

A Report on Datapane

  1. import pandas as pd
  2. import altair as alt
  3. import datapane as dp
  4. df = pd.read_csv('')
  5. chart = alt.Chart(df).encode(
  6. x='Date:T',
  7. y='Open'
  8. ).mark_line().interactive()
  9. r = dp.Report.create(dp.Table.create(df), dp.Plot.create(chart))
  10. print(r.web_url)

Deploy your script or notebook

Want to make it easy for people to run your Python script or Jupyter Notebook? Deploy it to Datapane to let others run it in their browser through simple web forms to generate reports.

  • Forms

    Expose your scripts using web forms, with rich inputs such as dates, multi-select, and ranges, which are passed into your code at runtime.

  • Connect and Integrate

    Include your own Python libraries, folders, models, and SQL, and connect your scripts to live data sources, such as APIs or databases.

  • API-first

    Everything in Datapane is an API. Deploy scripts and generate reports from your server, GitHub, Airflow, or CI system.

Free for individuals

Get started with the open source library, and use as a free publishing platform for your reports and scripts.

Public Platform

Want to share plots, visualisations, and datasets from Python? Publish Datapane reports online for free, or deploy your Jupyter Notebooks and Python scripts to let others people run them with parameters.

What's included

  • Publish reports created with Datapane

  • Deploy Python scripts and notebooks

  • Run with interactive web forms

  • Embed into social platforms, like Reddit and Medium

Support team

Datapane for Teams

Instead of making you use another clunky BI tool, Datapane lets you use Python and SQL in your own environment for BI, reporting, and self-service analytics.

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