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Datapane is a batteries-included framework which provides everything you need to build data products using 100% Python, from reports and dashboards to full-stack applications.
import altair as alt
import datapane as dp
from vega_datasets import data

df = data.iris()

fig = (
    .encode(x="petalLength:Q", y="petalWidth:Q", color="species:N")

view = dp.Group(
  dp.Text("# My report"),
import altair as alt import datapane as dp from vega_datasets import data df = data.iris()
def plotter(params, x, y): return alt.Chart(df).mark_point().encode(x=x, y=y, color="species:N")
dp.Group( dp.Text("# My app"),
dp.Form(on_submit=plotter, controls=dict( x=dp.Choice(options=list(df.columns)), y=dp.Choice(options=list(df.columns)), ) )
v = dp.Group(...)

# Serve as an app

# Build as a static site 

# Export as a standalone HTML report
dp.save_report(v, path='report.html')

# Upload to Datapane Cloud to share and embed
dp.upload_report(v, name='My report')

How quickly can you ship an internal tool?

Build data web apps, with blocks for plots, tables, forms, grid layouts, and more.

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Blocks & Reports

Embed data components and reports in your product

Programmatically embed individual data-centric blocks into your own product, or export and share 100% standalone HTML reports.
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“Datapane allows us to use the full power of Python to build things we could never create in a UI-first tool in a fraction of the time.”
Matthew Fein
People Scientist, Oscar
“Datapane makes it easy to create beautiful interactive reports to instrument our models and data.”
Thomas Bouche
Data Scientist, MAIF
“Datapane is a speedy way share with non-technical people. It’s a cool tool that plugs right into our data stack.”
Marian Andrecki
ML Engineer, Proportunity

What can you build with Datapane?


Stock Ticker Analysis

Pull live data for a stock ticker, generate some useful statistics, and plot it using Plotly.

Dataset Scatterplotter

Choose a dataset (or upload your own) and interactively plot the columns using a scatterplot.

Mapping Airports

Use pandas and Altair to interatively visualize airports across the US.

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