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Transform Jupyter into a shareable data app in 10 seconds.

Convert your Notebook into a beautiful, shareable, and interactive data app with a single line of code. Try it.
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Build your first app

Share a data app in 3 simple steps

Install Datapane's library in any Python environment

$ pip3 install datapane
$ conda install -c conda-forge "datapane>=0.15.5"

Create a free account and login to automatically authenticate your Notebook with Datapane Cloud

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import datapane as dp

!datapane login
Successfully logged into https://cloud.datapane.com

Convert your notebook into a beautiful, serverless, and interactive data app to share with your team

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dp.App.from_notebook().upload("My first app")
Converting cells to blocks...
App successfully uploaded. View and share your app here.
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Install Datapane from pip or conda
Build a data app in <10 lines of code
Share with your team in seconds
Datapane Code Example

Analyze in Python, share with Datapane

Great for analysis, bad for sharing

Python and Jupyter is the most powerful way to analyze and visualize data, but it's not accessible to the people you need to share insights with.

Wow stakeholders with beautiful apps

With Datapane, you can analyze and visualize data using the python libraries and tools you love, and turn them into beautiful apps your stakeholders can use in seconds.

Join a passionate community of Python Data Scientists

Datapane is used by passionate individuals and forward-thinking companies to plot and build beautiful, shareable Python data apps in a code-first.

Join our Discord to say hi.
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Unique architecture for exceptional data apps

Datapane's serverless architecture means you can build Python data apps from inside the tools you love without thinking about infrastructure and hosting.

Build Python apps from Jupyter, Airflow, or Spark.

Dynamic 100% serverless components

No infrastructure or complex back-end.

Export as super-fast, pre-rendered HTML.

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“Datapane’s open-source framework allows us to use the full power of Python to create HR analytics reports for stakeholders. We build things we could never create in a UI-first tool, and can automate the whole process in a fraction of the time.”

Matthew Fein
People Scientist, Oscar Health

“We use Datapane as the front-end for our machine learning monitoring framework, Eurybia. It makes it easy to create beautiful interactive reports to instrument our models and data.”

Thomas Bouche
Data Scientist, MAIF

“Datapane is a speedy way to generate complex visualizations, and share these with non-technical people. It’s a cool tool that plugs right into our ML stack.”

Marian Andrecki
Machine Learning Engineer, Proportunity
Blocks & Components

A complete set of building blocks for data apps


Turn pandas DataFrames into interactive DataTables


Add plots from your favorite libraries, like Plotly and Altair
Learn more

UI components

Layout your apps with dropdowns, tabs, and select

Python functions

Use interactive forms and backend functions to create dynamic apps
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