Share data science with clients

Sample client-facing report

Whether you're a software business or a data science consultancy, you can increase the value for clients by generating results using Python ecosystem.

What is broken?

Python scripts and notebooks are not accessible to non-data scientists, so generating data science insights for clients is a manual process. Client-facing teams rely on the data science team to generate individual results for each client query, which they manually package into static reports. Due to this manual workflow, this process cannot be easily automated or replicated across clients.

Why does this matter?

Most of the process of delivery results is getting the numbers and charts together, instead of focusing on providing high-value insights. Data science teams spend significant time responding to ad-hoc queries which distracts them from core R&D.

This process drastically reduces the margin of delivering custom insights to clients, and locks many companies into consulting margins: to scale this service, companies must hire more analysts and data scientists.

What value does Datapane bring?

Datapane's report generation and automation APIs allow companies to to streamline and automate the delivery of data science to clients.

Data Science Reports

Build beautiful, interactive client-facing reports straight from Python. Wow your clients with interactive visualizations, datasets, and files.

Integrates with your analysis stack
Instead of learning yet another BI tool, import Datapane into your existing Python analysis environment.
Beautiful and interactive
Build beautiful visualizations using Python, and provide data drill-downs, tabs, selects, and fully customizable HTML to wow your clients.
Whitelabel Embedding
Want to integrate data science results into your core product offering? Use Datapane's Whitelabel Embedding functionality to embed reports directly into your own product.
Security and Authentication
Focus on the data science: Datapane handles all authentication, accounts, and client-sharing features.

Data Science Apps

Datapane's Script Automation APIs allow data science teams to deploy scripts and notebooks so clients or client-facing teams can generate reports self-service and automate delivery.

Python and Jupyter-first
Data teams deploy existing Jupyter Notebooks or Python scripts as automated, report generating tools.
Automated data science reporting
Scripts run automatically to refresh reports, update databases or internal products via APIs
Self-service report generation
Clients and client teams run scripts with parameters via the web to generate custom reports for clients, allowing self-service report generation without the data science backlog.
Custom Environments
Run deployed scripts with custom environments and networking which allows integration with platforms such as Snowflake, Looker, Salesforce, DMPs, etc. Include custom internal libraries or custom data science dependencies.

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