Pricing Plans

Datapane scales for everyone—from individuals to F500s.

Datapane Community

Publish public reports on the web in seconds. Embed data science into places like Medium to showcase your skills, learn from Datapane's community, and build your data science portfolio.

What's included

  • Unlimited Public Reports

  • Build a public data science portfolio

  • Showcase work in the data science community

  • Embed into Medium, Reddit, and more


Secure report sharing for hobby projects and proof of concepts.


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Deployment options

  • Managed Shared Micro
  • Self-hosted Local Docker

User Accounts

1 user


  • 24-hour signed URL report sharing
  • Maximum 5 reports
  • Secure private workspace
  • Shared server (~5 minutes of downtime per day)


Cloud-native reporting and app-building with client features.

$2,950 /mo

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Deployment options

  • Managed Dedicated Large
  • Self-hosted HA Cloud Native

User Accounts

45 users


15 groups


  • Unlimited private reports
  • Whitelabel client reporting
  • Runnable reports with end-user forms
  • Secrets API for warehouse and API integration
  • Blob API for data management
  • Private Slack or Teams support


Custom deployments managed by us on your infrastructure.


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Deployment options

  • Managed Custom Server / Region
  • Self-hosted Custom Deployment

User Accounts





  • Custom Auth and SSO
  • Optimized managed deployment on your cloud
  • 1-1 Solutions engineering and training
  • Dedicated Account Manager and private Slack Channel
  • Custom Terms of Service

Pricing FAQ

What's the difference between a Datapane Teams and a Community account?
A private Teams workspace allows secure sharing of reports and provides business features such as runnable reports. Community is for public sharing of reports on social media. If you are interested in a community account, please sign-up and choose the community option.
How do Managed Workspace and Self-hosted differ?
A Managed Workspace is hosted by Datapane on our cloud platform. This is the best option if you want an immediate secure solution with the latest features. Self-hosted is for if you don't want any data to leave your infrastructure and can deploy and manage Datapane yourself.
What is the difference between Docker and Cloud-native self-hosting?
Our cloud-native deployment is optimized for running in cloud environments such as AWS. Instead of hosting your database, cache, and storage in Docker, it allows you to use your own managed database and blob storage backends, which provide greater reliability and power features for enterprises.
What is the difference between the server options (e.g. Shared and Dedicated)?
Our Studio plan uses shared hosting, which incurs a small amount of downtime each day. Paid plans provide dedicated servers without unscheduled downtime. The performance of your server depends on your plan: Studio is suitable for proof of concepts and simple sharing, and paid plans are suitable for production workloads, client-sharing, and app running.

Request a private workspace

Request a secure Datapane workspace for your company.

  • 1-1 Onboarding
  • Free or paid plans
  • Secure private sharing
  • Isolated server with private users

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Workspace Hosting

All your reports and accounts will live on this private server.