Announcing Datapane Enterprise & Reports Plus

Leo Anthias
July 10, 2023

We’re making some big changes to Datapane to simplify our offering.

Datapane Enterprise

We have launched a new reports-focused offering geared towards teams and enterprises, called Datapane Enterprise

This is a product we have built over the past year with our larger enterprise customers and is now ready for general availability. This includes new features such as:

  • Report automation, such as scheduled reports, or generating reports on webhooks
  • Parameterised report generation through forms, so non-technical members of your company can generate reports self-service
  • PDF rendering, so you can export reports to PDF
  • Whitelabelling and custom branding
  • The ability to embed forms in reports which call backend functions 
  • Authentication and authorization, including SSO

Unlike Datapane Cloud, Datapane Enterprise can be hosted on your own infrastructure or can be managed for you on a private, secure server in your region on AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.

We are launching Datapane Enterprise for two reasons:

  • Most of our customers prefer to run data-focussed services on their own cloud environment or want us to host a private sandboxed server for them
  • Many of the features we’re building for our larger customers (serverless function running, automation, etc.) are only available on Datapane Server, which is more focused on security and computation than Datapane Cloud (which was originally built for public sharing)

If you or your workplace are interested in learning about Datapane Enterprise, please Request a Demo

Retiring Datapane Cloud

As part of this, Datapane Cloud is being deprecated and we will no longer be providing a multi-tenant hosting service or public report hosting. We believe that users who are using Datapane Cloud for public sharing are best served by uploading their saved reports to static site hosts such as GitHub Pages. To help with this, we’ll be updating our docs to include a guide on how to host your reports for free on several services, including your own infrastructure. 

The timeline is as follows:

  • Today – We have disabled new sign-ups on Datapane Cloud 
  • August 18th – Report uploading will be disabled, Datapane Cloud will remain up for existing users in a read-only mode

Although we are disabling uploading new reports, we also know many public reports are shared and embedded across the web, so we will continue to host these for as long as possible. 

Datapane Reports Plus

Lastly, we’re excited to announce some great features for companies who build and share local HTML reports with Datapane in a professional context. We’re terming these features “Reports Plus”, and they include:

  • Encryption – secure your local report by adding a password. The underlying data is securely encrypted and can only be accessed by those with the password
  • Compression – make your local reports significantly smaller by compressing the assets
  • Uploading Connector - upload reports to S3, Salesforce, and other business platforms
  • Custom Styling - add custom colors and styles to reports

Reports Plus will be released in the coming weeks, and the best part? It’s free and works out of the box with local HTML reports. It does require a free signup, so if you’re interested in these features, please fill out this form to get your API key.

Leo Anthias