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Leo Team Photo

Leo Anthias

Co-Founder & CEO
“I spend my day talking to users, working with customers, and making the product better. Previously CTO of Kivo, where I was implementing git inside of PowerPoint. Y Combinator 2013 alum and techno enthusiast. Centre of gravity somewhere in the mid-Atlantic.”
Mandeep Team Photo

Mandeep Gill

Co-Founder & CTO
“I run everything technical at Datapane. Previously PhD in Computer Science at Oxford, where I built a programming language for modelling the human heart. Lover of esoteric operating systems and programming languages (and Gregg's vegan sausage rolls).”
Jake Team Photo

Jake Browning

Software Engineer
“I work across the stack, but focus mostly on building Datapane's report renderer in Typescript. When I'm not fiddling with JS internals, you'll find me Muay Thai boxing or learning (human) languages. I'm based in London but spend a lot of time back in Scotland too.”
Shahin Team Photo

Shahin Rostami

Senior Software Engineer, Data Science
“I work on the core SDK and look after everything related to the data science experience. Previously Head of Data Science at Lifelight and Senior Academic at Bournemouth University. Creator of PlotAPI and PlotPanel. I love being out in the sun, cooking, powerlifting, and data visualisation.”
Luke Team Photo

Luke Plant

Senior Software Engineer
“I'm a full stack dev with a focus on our Django backend. I've used a ton of different programming languages and technologies over my career, but I enjoy contributing to Open Source stuff most of all, including as part of the core Django team. I live in Oldham with my wife and three boys, where I also serve as an elder in my local church.”
Esrom team photo

Esrom Tecle

Founder Associate
"I'm a Founder's Associate here at Datapane. What does that mean? I work on various projects alongside Leo that touch on Product, Growth and Ops. I'm based in London, where I spend my time doing origami, embarrassing myself on the dance floor or going for a seasonal dip at the ponds!"

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