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"I like to do my analysis and visualization in Python, but I had no way to share results beyond screenshots. Datapane lets me create and share amazing interactive reports from Python in a few seconds."

Khuyen Tran, Data Scientist, Blogger
import pandas as pd import altair as alt
import datapane as dp
df = pd.read_csv('', parse_dates=['date']) df = df.groupby(['vaccine', 'date'])['total_vaccinations'].sum().tail(1000).reset_index() plot = alt.Chart(df).mark_area(opacity=0.4, stroke='black').encode( x='date:T', y=alt.Y('total_vaccinations:Q'), color=alt.Color('vaccine:N', scale=alt.Scale(scheme='set1')), ).interactive().properties(width='container') total_df = df[df["date"] == df["date"].max()].sort_values("total_vaccinations", ascending=False).reset_index(drop=True) total_styled =["total_vaccinations"], color='#5fba7d', vmax=total_df["total_vaccinations"].sum())
dp.Report( "## Vaccination Report", dp.Plot(plot, caption="Vaccinations by manufacturer over time"), dp.DataTable(df, caption="Initial Dataset") ).upload(name='Covid Vaccinations Demo', description="Covid Vaccinations report, using data from ourworldindata", open=True)

Turn scripts and Jupyter Notebooks into self-service web apps

Deploy Jupyter Notebooks and Python scripts to Datapane Teams, where they can be run by your team or clients with parameters, scheduled to run automatically, and automate your other platforms with data science insights.

$ datapane app deploy
[-] Uploaded forecast.ipynb to /apps/prophet-forecast/
$ datapane schedule create prophet-forecast "* * * 1 *"
[-] Scheduled prophet-forecast for "* * * 1 *"

"Datapane is a speedy way to generate complex visualizations, and share these with non-technical people. It’s a cool tool that plugs right into our ML stack."

Marian Andrecki, Machine Learning Engineer at Proportunity
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