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Datapane lets you create beautiful reports using code, so you can smash the data backlog and wow stakeholders.
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Helping 2,000+ companies build reports using Python.
How it works

Reporting infrastructure.
Built for developers.

Datapane provides everything you need to build reports using 100% Python.
import altair as alt
import datapane as dp
from vega_datasets import data

df = data.iris()

fig = (
    .encode(x="petalLength:Q", y="petalWidth:Q", color="species:N")

view = dp.Group(
  dp.Text("# My report"),

# Export as a standalone HTML report
dp.save_report(v, path='report.html')
import datapane as dp

for customer in customers:
    plots = gen_plots(
    usage = get_usage_data(, "4-w")
    report = dp.Group(
        "## Weekly usage",
          name=f"Usage: {}", 

Helping 2K data teams generate >250K reports a month

Leave legacy BI tools in the 90s and start leveraging Python and open-source to share insights, automate document generation, and integrate data science.

Client Sharing

Forget drab PowerPoints which take hours to build. Build beautiful branded client reports in seconds which make analyses impactful and interactive.

HR Analytics

Build a people analytics reporting layer on your ATS or HRIS which makes modern data science accessible to stakeholders.

Quantitative Finance

Automate daily reports for traders and portfolio managers. Supercharge with interactive Python functions to allow self-service calculations and refresh market data.

Loved by developers and data teams

“Datapane allows us to use the full power of Python to build things we could never create in a UI-first tool in a fraction of the time.”
Matthew Fein
People Scientist, Oscar Health
“Datapane makes it easy to create beautiful interactive reports to instrument our models and data.”
Thomas Bouche
Data Scientist, MAIF
“Datapane is a speedy way share with non-technical people. It’s a cool tool that plugs right into our data stack.”
Marian Andrecki
ML Engineer, Proportunity

What can you build with Datapane?

Kaggle survey analysis

This analysis can be used as a starting point for creating a Datapane report that presents an analysis of survey data.

E-commerce Report

Analyze e-commerce transactional data and build an analysis dashboard using Plotly.

Stock Market Report

Use Python to pull live stock market and create an interactive report using Plotly.

Build a report in 10 seconds

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