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Datapane is an open source framework which makes it easy to build and share reports using Python.

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Build and share interactive data reports using Python

Sharing Python analyses is painful. Datapane makes it easy: build rich reports in Python, publish them to the web, and share them with your community or team.

Build and publish reports in Python

Build beautiful reports from blocks of DataFrames, plots, and files without leaving Python. Publish to Datapane to share and embed them online.

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    Analyse data in your own tools

    Write code and analyze data in your own editor or environment, whether its Jupyter, Colab, or Airflow.

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    Build reports in code

    Datapane's framework makes it easy to create rich reports from DataFrames, output files, and libraries like Altair and Plotly.

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    Publish and share

    Export as standalone HTML files, or publish to for free, where your reports can be shared and embedded.

A Report on Datapane

  1. import pandas as pd
  2. import altair as alt
  3. import datapane as dp
  4. dataset = pd.read_csv('')
  5. df = dataset.groupby(['continent', 'date'])['new_cases_smoothed_per_million'].mean().reset_index()
  6. plot = alt.Chart(df).mark_area(opacity=0.4, stroke='black').encode(
  7. x='date:T',
  8. y=alt.Y('new_cases_smoothed_per_million:Q', stack=None),
  9. color=alt.Color('continent:N', scale=alt.Scale(scheme='set1')),
  10. tooltip='continent:N'
  11. ).interactive().properties(width='container')
  12. dp.Report(
  13. dp.Plot(plot),
  14. dp.Table(df)
  15. ).publish(name='covid_report', open=True)

Datapane Public

Get started with the open source library, and use as a free publishing platform for your reports, datasets, and visualizations.

Public Platform

Want to share plots, visualisations, and datasets from Python? Publish Datapane reports online for free, and share them with your community.

What's included

  • Publish reports created with Datapane library

  • Collaborate and share with Datapane community

  • Share interactive reports with your team or community

  • Embed into social platforms, like Reddit and Medium

Datapane Teams

The end-to-end platform for Python analytics and reporting. Securely share Python reports, and deploy scripts and notebooks as self-service reporting tools.

Automated reporting with Python & SQL

Build flexible self-service reporting tools in Python which run in the cloud and can be used by everyone in the organization.

  • Cloud Jupyter Notebook & Script Runner

    Turn Python scripts into reporting tools. Include your own Python libraries, folders, models, and SQL, and connect your scripts to live data sources, such as APIs or databases.

  • Self-service Forms

    Expose your scripts using web forms, with rich inputs such as dates, multi-select, and ranges, to allow self-service report generation.

  • Scheduling and Automation

    Create realtime reports by scheduling your script to run automatically, or trigger report generation through the tools you already use, like Slack, Teams, and GitHub.

Secure, managed report sharing

Control access to your reports with organizational sharing, or share reports with third-parties using signed tokens.

  • Access Controls

    Share reports securely, with versioning and authentication, or share with clients using secure signed URLs.

  • Embedding

    Embed reports into your own product, or into knowledge platforms like Confluence, Salesforce, Teams, and Notion.

  • Secure Integrations

    Use Datapane's Blob and Secret Variables APIs to manage, authenticate, and version your credentials, models, and datasets.

Want to use Datapane in your company?

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