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  1. <Page>
  2. <Text># Sales analysis</Text>
  3. <BigNumber value="$83,800" heading="Total sales" change="22"/>
  4. <BigNumber value="$112,000" heading="Predicted sales" change="15"/>
  5. <Select type="dropdown">
  6. <Plot name="sales_v_profit" label="Sales vs. Profit"/>
  7. <Plot name="forecast_data" label="Sales data"/>
  8. <DataTable name="forecast_plot" label="Seasonality"/>
  9. </Select>
  10. </Page>
  1. import datapane as dp
  2. import snowflake.connector
  3. from internal_lib import forecast
  4. conn = snowflake.connector.connect(...)
  5. users = conn.execute_query('get_users.sql').fetchall()
  6. f_data, f_plot = forecast.predict(df)
  7. sales_v_profit = alt.Chart(users).encode(x='sales', y='profit', color='category')
  8. dp.Report(by_name='forecast').update_assets(
  9. dp.Plot(sales_v_profit, name='sale_v_profit')
  10. dp.DataTable(f_data, name='forecast_data'),
  11. dp.Plot(f_plot, name='forecast_plot')
  12. )

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